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Our mission
To promote living well and independently for a lifetime through community engagement and a network of neighborly support.
Village Builders
Village Builder volunteers contribute a wide variety of skills as they manage and improve the Village. Working in teams that meet regularly, Village Builders address the organization’s capacity to run smoothly, stay innovative, and achieve our intended mission and vision. Many thanks to these volunteers for their dedication and hard work in caring for members, managing events, marketing the Village, and directing volunteer efforts!

Jean Aiken
Lois Ascher
Jennifer Attenborough
Carole Bishop
Linda Bogdanoff
Doug Bolick
Margo Casey
Joyce Cejka
Ellen Chulak
Susan Coolidge
Lidy de Hollander
Wil de Hollander
Pauline Derby      
              Kate Derrick   
Barbara Dowd  
Charles Ebert
Anne Ferguson
Bill Franz
Donna Franz
Kerri Glynn
Christine Green
Andy Griffith
Mary Harada
Paul Harrington
Fred Hufnagel
Stefanie Hufnagel
             Jeannette Isabella  
Bernie Jaros
Bill Jaros
Annette Keane   
Hugh Kelleher
Kitty Krajci
Tom Lochhaas
Mary Olson
John Pramburg
Michael Prendergast
Carrie Schmidt
Kincade Webb

Visit the Board of Directors web page for an explanation of the various areas in which Village Builders contribute their talents.


Greater Newburyport Village is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization.


Our Village is a member of the Village to Village Network,
a national organization which provides information, encouragement and peer support to
similar villages in 200+ communities across the country.