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Become a Volunteer - Basic Info

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The beauty and strength of our Village model is that it is not necessary for a member to become a volunteer, or for a volunteer to become a member. At their core, Village volunteers are committed to providing unique and personalized services to Village members, and/or sharing their expertise and knowledge to help our organization become a vibrant and integral asset - not just to our members, but to the Greater Newburyport community at-large.
Our volunteer opportunities are as varied as the volunteers themselves. Volunteering for the Village falls under two major categories, with many members and non-members volunteering in both areas. The two categories are: Good Neighbor Volunteers and Village Builders
Thank you for your interest!
Good Neighbor volunteers provide a host of services—transportation, household tasks, errands, technical support, and so forth—directly to our members.
To become a Good Neighbor Volunteer, please complete the form below and select the volunteer opportunities you are interested in providing.
Once, submitted, a member of the Good Neighbor Volunteer team will contact you to schedule a time to talk.
Village Builders ensure the ongoing smooth operations of our Village and help to grow and strengthen our ability to stay innovative, improve our systems and operations, and strengthen our capacity as an organization to serve our members, volunteers and the Greater Newburyport community.
To learn more about becoming a Village Builder click on the button below.

If you wish to be a volunteer for Greater Newburyport Village, fill out the following information.

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Our Village is a member of the Village to Village Network,
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