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Become a Volunteer - Basic Info

Our mission
To promote living well and independently through community engagement and neighborly support.
Community Building Volunteer Options
The Greater Newburyport Village builds community through our two types of volunteers: Good Neighbors and Village Builders. Click on the down arrows below to understand the differences and find your special place to make a difference. We'd love you to join as a Good Neighbor or as a Village Builder team member - or both!


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Good Neighbor Volunteers
Good Neighbor Volunteers
Good Neighbor Volunteers provide services for members in the following categories:
  • Transportation & Errands
  • Household Services
  • Outdoor Services
  • Technology Assistance
  • Wellness and Other Support


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Village Builder (VB) Volunteers
Village Builder (VB) Volunteers

Village Builder Volunteers work in teams that run the Village. Each team's responsibilities are explained below:

  • Concierge Team: Manage member service requests and schedule volunteers

  • Website Team: Maintain the website, keeping it current and interesting

  • Website Data Team: Enter and maintain member information

  • Program & Events Team: Plan and oversee presentations, schedule restaurant visits, outings, and Village events and celebrations

  • Marketing & Communication Team: Inform the community about the Village through our newsletter and articles in local news media

  • Business Management Team: Oversee budgeting, bookkeeping, accounting services, state filings, insurance, and administrative requirements

  • Member Care Team: Onboard new members, address the well-being of members by creating opportunities for Villagers to interact through interest groups, small gatherings, and programs that engage members

  • Volunteer Care Team: Onboard new volunteers and ensure the Village provides them with gratifying volunteering experiences and recognizes them for their service

After completing the form below, click Next to check the specific Good Neighbor services and/or Village Builder (VB)
Teams you are interested in. The Village will get back to you with next steps.

If you wish to be a volunteer for Greater Newburyport Village, fill out the following information.

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Discount Notes/Payment Terms
Our Village is a member of the Village to Village Network,
a national organization which provides information, encouragement and peer support to
similar villages in 200+ communities across the country.