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Our mission
To promote living well and independently through community engagement and neighborly support.

The Village is a neighbor-hood we all would love to live in!     
If you h
ave a question:

What is the Village Like?
Do you live in a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone else and no one even has to ask for a hand before a good neighbor volunteers to help out? In this idyllic neighborhood, people socialize together, share meals and recreational activities, and notice when someone is ill or having a hard time. They give each other rides to the pharmacy, help each other figure out that new iPad, take walks together, go to art lectures together, and share a ride to yoga class. They’re not too worried that their own kids have moved far away, or that they never had kids to begin with, because the whole neighborhood feels like family. We should all live in a such a place!

Sadly, for most of us, that perfect neighborhood is more dream than reality. It can be hard to ask for help, to meet new friends, to find a plumber we can trust in an emergency. We may not even know our neighbors, or they may always seem too busy to share some time. Without a sense of community and the security of knowing help is available when needed, we can start feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Sometimes people choose to leave their homes when all the small things start to add up. 

So here's the answer to the question What is the Village like? It is a neighborhood of people who help each other, a place that makes its members feel good about their life in the community - it is where we would all wish to live. And you can be part of this Village by applying now!                 



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